Gennaro Amitrano has always been incredibly passionate about the art of cooking. He was only a child when, following in his father’s footsteps, he started playing with pots and pans and learning recipes. He fell in love at first sight with the world of cooking; somehow, his destiny had already written, shaped. A destiny entwined with Italian cuisine, represented in all his dishes with all its irresistible nuances and flavours.

Gennaro started his professional experience under the guidance of multi‑Michelin starred chef Gianfranco Vissani and then worked with chef Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV restaurant of Monte Carlo. Two extraordinary examples who gave him the motivation to learn new techniques and restaurant management, always paying great attention to the choice of raw materials.

Still today, Vissani is a great inspiration to him. During his career, Amitrano had many opportunities to work alongside him as a chef. For example, at the opening of the “L’Altro Vissani” restaurant in Baschi, but also in Todi, Orvieto, Cortina and Capri. Together with Vissani, he also had more than 200 appearances on TV.

All my dishes stand out for innovation and originality, a unique experience


The key words are simplicity and hard work. Gennaro Amitrano’s creations are always delicious. There can be no room for errors and inaccuracies in his restaurants: only quality raw materials are selected and used.

From oil, flour and salt to vegetables and fish: every step of Amitrano’s supply chain is tracked to offer a choice of products which can valorise the area and its traditions. Extreme care is also put into respecting the seasonality of the products to maximise their flavour and smell. A chef capable of creating simple but unforgettable dishes who now aims at reaching new highs, not stopping until he is awarded his first Michelin Star.


For Gennaro Amitrano, innovation is an everyday job. Each dish is meticulously prepared, each recipe tells the story, the passion and love of a chef who is able to show his unique and unrepeatable style in all his creations.

His extraordinary talent, Amitrano’s personal touch, is the ability to work with raw materials to create seemingly simple dishes such as spaghetti with tomato sauce as well as sophisticated dishes.


The preparation of a dish starts with the selection of the raw materials. Gennaro Amitrano carefully selects each ingredient, choosing only quality products produced locally, a characteristic that is enhanced in each of his creations.

Every product is a symbol of the history and traditions of the area of origin. For example, the Cocco pasta, an extraordinary artisan product from Abruzzo or the Carnaroli rice from Tenuta Castello in the province of Vercelli, the Italian capital of rice. The delicate, sweet and not too strong olive oil used in Amitrano’s restaurants comes from the oil mill of Alberto Cipolloni in Umbria.

The vinegar used for the seasoning comes from Modena, in particular from the Malpighi farm, while it is very easy to tell the origin of the meat: only the tender and unmistakable meat of Chianina heifers. The fish used is very fresh and it comes from the renowned fish shop “La Perla” of Vico Equense.





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